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Dear Visitors,

thanks to an increased interest of our web page from many countries from all around the world I would like to provide you with several pieces of information.

My name is Bohumil Jukl and with regards to my healing (extra-sensory) abilities and education from nuns, I dedicated my whole life to herbs, diagnosis of health condition, and alternative medicine. At the time when I started, there were only a few effective natural remedies. Because I have learned a lot about herbs I started to use my abilities to develop my own herbal products which help to recover a lost health of people.
Thanks to my results I achieved a sufficient reputation and trust so I was given an opportunity to optimize a health condition of the Czech athletes participating in all significant races and events. During more than 10 years of our cooperation, I managed to help them win many European, World and Olympic medals.
Nowadays, I am probably the only Czech producer of natural products that are able to cover the whole necessary assortment of goods.
In the Czech Republic I have two consulting rooms where I help people with their health problems. Every month, more than 1,000 people from the whole Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria come to consult their health problems.
Every patient receives the most appropriate products for the elimination of his/her particular disease. The products are chosen on the basis of my diagnosis. Most of the people repeatedly come back because they could convince themselves that my products helped them. The fact that the health problems sometimes come back is caused by the inherited indispositions of organism, mental condition and especially by the fact that people are not able to change their life styles and insist on their stereotypes.
In order to facilitate an availability of my products for my customers I decided to sell my products via the Internet as well. The main reason is that people who wanted to buy my products had to come to see me or visit my store. It was often not easy because of the big distances or a long waiting period in my consulting rooms.
I do not intend to run my web pages completely in several languages because every state has a different legislative concerning the sale of dietary supplements. But I hope that thanks to our unique pictograms you will be able to recognize which health problems are healed with which products.
If you are interested in further cooperation in terms of distributing our products in states where we do not have our exclusive representatives, please contact us! We communicate both in English and German.

With us, you will find the health of your body and spirit.                
Bohumil Jukl
This article was translated by NK Translators: high quality translation services


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